5 Tips To Help You With Stress During National Stress Awareness Month

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5 Tips To Help You With Stress During National Stress Awareness Month

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National Stress Awareness Month

Do you know anyone who is suffering from stress? Millions of people suffer in silence from this awful condition but by taking some simple steps we can alleviate and reduce the amount of stress in our lives. These are not radical changes but easy lifestyle changes we can implement into our daily lives. By increasing your awareness these positive and fundamental shifts can help you to cope with any stress.

1.Breathe. This is the most important thing you must be doing. I am not talking about the shallow breathing most people do by taking short breaths through their nose but long deep breaths using your belly. Breathing is similar to blinking because unless you do not pay attention to it, you will not realise you are doing it. The simplest way to control your breathing is by placing one hand on your belly and the other on your chest and then take long deep breaths. If the hand on your chest moves then you are doing it wrong. The goal is to breath through your belly and this hand should be moving. This can take some practice but once you become aware you will not need to use your hands. The extra oxygen you inhale will help you think clearly and give you vital energy.

2. Exercise. You do not need to join a gym or own fancy equipment to do this. A brisk walk, yoga or jumping jacks will do and your body will thank you for it. I am a yogi and practice it daily because the psychological and health benefits it brings is priceless. It is a total body workout which works not only my external frame but my internal organs as well.

3. Take Control. By this I mean you need a “can do” attitude rather than a passive one whereby you wait for things to happen. There are several reasons why we are stressed but ultimately we allow it to enter and become a part of our life. By taking control of our actions, lifestyle and habits we must be willing to and active enough to show this intruder the same door it used to enter. We unconsciously let it in but consciously we will get rid of it!

4. Rest. Stress can cause you sleepless nights full of worrying and without the adequate rest your health can radically spiral downwards. If you are constantly feeling tired due to a lack of quality rest then this will have a major impact in other areas of your life. Use breathing exercises to help relax you before going to bed and sleep for as long as your body needs. Reduce the time you spend watching TV in the evenings and get to bed earlier if that is what your body needs but in order to perform well your physical and mental well being must be in sync and totally recharged.

5. Speak to someone. The steps above will help you if you implement them and use them frequently but if you feel that the stress needs more attention then find someone with whom you can speak with. Just having someone who will listen and provide you with professional and expert advice can help you. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved.