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Sam Sahota


He is a Published author, NLP Practitioner, Yogi, Polyglot and Life Coach but the man has many great sanskars and you will realise this right away if you ever meet him. Calm, tranquil, peaceful, positive, fearless, helpful, approachable, cheerful, winner and friend are a few words people usually use to describe his personality.

Sam is an open book, so for all those curious folk who want to know a little bit more we are providing you with some personal information about him below.



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What is your primary language? English
What is your secondary language? Spanish
What is your best feature? Eyes
Describe your personality in 5 words? Winner, Leader, Human, Honest, Giver
Favourite Food? I am a carnivore so any kind of meat
Favourite drink? Water, Coffee
Favourite Film? Untouchable
Favourite Actor? Robert De Niro
Favourite TV Show? I don’t watch tv
Favourite holiday destination(s)? India, Spain
Favourite cities? Asturias, Florence, Edinburgh, Bath, Prague
Favourite hobbies? Reading, Yoga, Travelling, Meditation
Favourite book? The Faqir
Favourite music? Classical, Zen, Qawalis
Favourite Song? You’ll Never Walk Alone
What is your horoscope? Scorpio
Marital status? In a relationship
Favourite Sport(s)? Snooker, Football, Cricket, Tennis
Pet hates? Bullying, people who lack manners
Which famous person from history would you like to meet? Alexander the great
Which living person inspires you the most? My mum
What was the best day of your life? Every day
Biggest regret? None
The event which changed the course of your life? The day I was born
Happiest moment you cherish? Winning the Champions League in 2005 YNWA
What is your Life Philosophy? Always give before you receive
Something you treasure? My Time
Piece of advice you would give someone? Get a life coach. Even Bill Gates has one!!


Contact Telephone: 07903 726 661

Contact Email: samsahota@gmail.com

Sam Sahota
Life Coach

Office 7, 35-37 Ludgate Hill


United Kingdom