Frequently Asked Questions:


I have answered some questions which I get asked regularly.

I have never worked with a Life coach before?

A lot of people have never worked with a life coach so you are not alone. I want to help and this is my main focus and you can rest assured that you will find me friendly and very approachable. If you are reading this then you have considered working with a coach so the next step is to give me a call so we can chat. You will realise I am just as human as you are and there is nothing to fear!

I am old, young, short, tall, slim, overweight, white, black, brown etc…..will you see me?

I do not discriminate against anyone so whatever reason you can conjure up not to meet me is an excuse you have in your own head. I am happy to see anyone who requires professional and expert help. I am very friendly and easy to talk to and treat every person I meet without prejudice.

Do you enjoy your job?

Coaching is not a job. It is a lifestyle and a culture for me that gives me immense satisfaction when I know that I have helped someone change or improve aspects of their life. In my book The Faqir one of the protagonists always gives before he receives and that sums me up really.

Why didn’t you answer the phone?

Thankfully I am in a privileged position that I am always very busy so when I am working with a client then I will not answer the phone. If I do not answer then call back and leave me a message and I will return the call as soon as I become available. Also, make sure you are not calling from a withheld or private number as I rarely answer. This is to deter the time wasters so if you want to speak to me display your contact number.

What is the best time to call you?

The best time is when you need to speak to me. My schedule changes on a daily basis subject to my clients requirements so that means I am not sitting next to the phone waiting to pick it up when it rings. You may also send me an sms text or whatsapp message.

How Much Do You Charge?

Initial meetings or our first contact is always free. I need to ensure we are a right fit for each other and it allows you to see if you would want to work with me as well. I do not do this for the money. I am a winner and enjoy working with people who are successful or at least have the desire to succeed in life.

Do You Speak Fluent English?

Absolutely. I am British born and raised and in fact I speak 4 major languages fluently. I can show you which ones when we meet.

How Long Have You Been a Life Coach?

Helping and assisting others is a lifestyle for me and being a winner is something which is embedded within my DNA. I have always helped and given to others but never charged for my services but I do now. As the saying goes “If youre good at something, never do it for free”

Where Are You Based?

I am London based and meet my clients in the City and I am prepared to travel further afield for the right client.

If you could give someone one piece of advice, what would it be?

When I was young I met James Caan and he is an extraordinary man who I learnt a lot from. One piece of advice he gave me was “Sam observe the masses and do the opposite”. I live by that saying and if I could only give someone one piece of advice, I would say get yourself a Life Coach because most successful people have one!