Sam Sahota with Baroness Mone (OBE)

Sam Sahota – Lessons From Baroness Michelle Mone OBE



The first thing to strike you when you see Michelle Mone is just how beautiful she is. Long blonde hair, ocean blue eyes and a smile that will light up any room but when you finally manage to get past the exterior you will see what a determined, driven and committed business woman Michelle really is. Born and raised in the impoverished East End region of Glasgow, she worked her way to the top through sheer willpower and guts.

She got into the lingerie business after she realised that the bra she was wearing was not comfortable enough for her and had the unshakable belief that she could make a better one so that is exactly what she did.  (Tip to start a successful business – Help someone fix a common problem) It took hard work and persistence and she was down to her last few hundred pounds when she devised the idea of getting some mind-blowing PR which helped launch her brand into the stratosphere. This story is unbelievable and if you get the chance to meet Michelle, I would recommend you ask her.

Michelle faced bankruptcy early on in her career and she went through a much publicized divorce but there is nothing that can keep this woman down. I have met Michelle a number of times and every time I am in her presence, it is a real pleasure. She inspires me immensely and I always learn something new when I hear her speak.

Listening and learning from Michelle has taught me that you need a certain set of qualities to succeed and if we meet one day I would love to tell you what these common traits are that make the rich and famous successful and how I emulate and follow in their footsteps so that one day I will obtain the same results as my idols.

If you havent done so already, I would advise you to go online and order her book at Amazon. You will see how inspirational she really is!