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In this Free book revealing the secrets to feel Happier and More Confident, renowned Life Coach Sam Sahota shows you fast and effective ways to get quick results, including…


  • How to gain more confidence 
  • Using the power of visualization to create your perfect life
  • How breathing incorrectly is affecting your well being
  • How the room method can propel your emotional well being instantly
  • What you should be doing every morning to feel great
  • How to meditate effectively
  • How to develop courage and feel fearless
  • How you will feel amazing if you cut this one thing out of your life!
  • The secret to earning what you are worth
  • How to reconnect with the most important person in your life today!
  • And Much More..



About Sam Sahota


 Sam is regarded as the most passionate life coach in Europe and for the last 15 years has shown people just like you how to feel confident, achieve their goals, live a fulfilled life, transform their beliefs and develop a winners mindset.

He works with business owners, managers and professionals to show them how they can benefit and live a happier life using his unique style and advanced techniques.

Sam has been widely featured in national media including BBC, Euronews, The Telegraph and Eastern Eye. Companies and clients pay thousands to work with Sam privately and he has invested extensively in his own pursuit of happiness by learning from people such as Former Dragons Den James Caan CBE, Lady Mone of Mayfair OBE, Lord Sugar’s aide on the apprentice Nick Hewer, NLP Co Founder James Bandler and Jay Abraham who charges $100’000 for his services.

His profound understanding of success has led to hundreds of clients using him as their trusted advisor to live a happier and confident life.